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Artist Talk - Vineeth Vincent part 2

Journey of a Pioneer: Join us as we dive into the extraordinary journey of one of India's best beatboxers, the trailblazer @VineethVincentOfficial. From Guinness and Limca world records to revolutionary musical ambitions, Vineeth Vincent is not just a hustler but a true game-changer.

Musical Ambition Unveiled: In this exclusive interview, Vineeth shares his new musical ambition - to change the game for independent artists in terms of monetization. He's on a mission to sell 1 million digital copies of his album "Growing Up and Then Some." A visionary move that could reshape the landscape for artists in India!

Revolutionizing Monetization: Vineeth Vincent is not just setting records; he's setting goals that can redefine the industry. By pricing his album at just 99 Rupees, he aims to make quality music accessible while challenging the norms of the music business. We believe it's possible with your support!

Get Your Digital Copy Now: Support Vineeth's vision by grabbing your digital copy of "Growing Up and Then Some" for just 99 Rupees. Every purchase contributes to the revolution he envisions.

Join the Movement: Let's make history together! Share this video, spread the word, and be a part of the movement to empower independent artists. Your support can be a game-changer. Connect with Vineeth Vincent: Follow @VineethVincentOfficial for updates on his musical journey and upcoming projects. video production courtesy :  @31stproductions73 

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