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Zohran Jude Miranda: Session Guitarist and Music Producer from Mumbai, India

Meet Zohran Jude Miranda, an accomplished session guitarist and music producer hailing from Mumbai, India. Zohran's musical journey traces back to his upbringing in Muscat, Oman, where he was immersed in the rich tapestry of his father's extensive cassette tape collection featuring iconic 80s artists like Dire Straits, Prince, Chris Rea, and Michael Jackson. This eclectic musical upbringing fueled Zohran's passion for the guitar, marking the beginning of his exploration into the sonic wilderness.

Debut Synth-Poptronic Quadrilogy: In 2020, Zohran unveiled his debut synth-poptronic four-song Quadrilogy, a musical homage to the nostalgic sonic emotions inspired by the sounds of the 80s. This release showcased Zohran's unique blend of influences, setting the stage for his distinctive musical identity.

'Time for Two' EP - A Sonic Journey: Building on the success of his Quadrilogy, Zohran Miranda returned in April 2023 with his 5-track debut EP, 'Time for Two.' This collection is a captivating sonic storytelling experience that transcends conventional boundaries. It explores futuristic sounds and styles, inviting listeners into a realm where past and future seamlessly coexist.

A Tale of Ascension: 'Time for Two' is more than just an EP; it's an exploration of ascension. Zohran takes listeners on a transformative journey, navigating the struggle from being an ordinary being to discovering one's ultimate truth. The compilation delves into breaking through the comfort demons we befriend along life's path, demons often mistaken as our own.

Experience the musical evolution of Zohran Jude Miranda as he continues to push the boundaries of sonic artistry. 'Time for Two' is now available on streaming platforms, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where music transcends time and space.

Zohran says, “In the last two years of writing and
producing these songs, I have taken on new avatars that I never knew existed. I pushed back
on the idea that we’re supposed to be on one path alone, and fought my inner demons, to
believe I could put my name on my own projects and work with peers I was once intimidated
to work with. Hence, Time for Two, is the robotic me having a conversation with my spirit
animal and saying, I don’t want to just see who I am, I want to experience who I am.”

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