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Qonjay Jamal

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pop, hiphop, rhythm and blues

English, Hindi

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Qonjay Jamal is an American-Desi artist who grew up with South Asian family roots. Grew up in Dallas, Texas. His music is truly unique, offering a plethora of flavors and blends from both Western and Eastern cultures and values. He stands out as one of the most versatile artists and cannot be confined to a single genre and can naturally transition from creating heartbreak and breakup music to delivering hard-hitting hiphop . All the music sonically has a mainstream American hip-hop - pop or R&B vibe.

Recently, he went viral and has collectively accumulated close to 20 million streams in the past four months across various streaming and social platforms. Qonjay Jamal has successfully built a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow rapidly. Speaking about his mindset and goals, he shares, “I’ve dedicated years to honing my craft without expecting any form of commercial or financial success, I’m just trying to out do my best every time and become a better artist and songwriter. I’ve faced some dark times in my life, and at times, it felt like my dream was just a dream. However, I never ceased to push myself to turn it into a reality and reach the pinnacle of my potential and I’m just getting started, I believe that by continuing to produce my unique style of music and executing it consistently , I can position myself in a very unique lane of my own and break into multiple markets simultaneously finding success.”

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Haven’t officially released a album yet , waiting for the right moment

My Most popular song with my south Asian people is Koi Aur Nahi Hai and Only You

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