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MISSHTY: Rising Independent Artist from Chhattisgarh

Meet MISSHTY, an independent artist based in Chhattisgarh, currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. Her musical journey commenced in 2020 when she embarked on the path of self-discovery by posting music covers on YouTube. Fast forward to 2023, MISSHTY has evolved into a prolific artist with two original songs, showcasing her talent as a singer, songwriter, and composer, available on various music platforms.

A Multi-Talented Artist: MISSHTY is not just a self-taught singer; she holds degrees in synthesizer, classical dance (kathak), and fine arts. This diverse skill set contributes to the richness of her musical expression.

Dreams and Aspirations: With a passion for creating music that resonates globally, MISSHTY aspires to become an artist whose melodies are cherished by the world. Her dedication to both her academic pursuits and musical endeavors reflects the depth of her commitment to her craft.

Musical Portfolio: Explore MISSHTY's musical portfolio, which includes not only soulful covers but also original compositions. Her unique blend of talents creates a captivating and authentic musical experience.

Follow MISSHTY's journey as she continues to make waves in the music scene, breaking barriers and sharing her artistic vision with the world. Discover her original songs and witness the unfolding of a musical dreamer's aspirations.


"By My Side"

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