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Vishnu Menon, under his former stage name 'mernion,' marked his radio debut on Radio , in 2021 with the track 'I Did Not Ask For The Devil's Eyes.' Accompanied by a news interview and features in Rolling Stones India, coupled with performances at numerous local gigs, Vishnu swiftly carved a niche in the music scene. Transitioning through different stage names, his latest project 'I Got The Wrong Tattoo' is dedicated to crafting genre-defying music, merging elements from diverse genres. With a vision to transcend traditional genre boundaries, he aspires to deliver a truly distinctive musical experience.

Single - I Did Not Ask For The Devil's Eyes

Single - I Did Not Ask For The Devil's Eyes 


Being different or standing out in a crowd comes easily to MERNION, but society’s attempts at changing who he is come just as easily. That is what he addresses in this single – the strict definitions that society imposes on us. MERNION illuminates how your experiences in life become the lens through which you approach everything that it throws at you.


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