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In 2016, two visionary siblings, Dan & Grace Bartlett embarked on a sonic journey, birthing the enigmatic entity known as King Bartlett and the Royal Band. Drawing inspiration from the wild energy of Cage the Elephant and the sonic abstractions of Brian Jonestown Massacre, they erected a creative haven in a rented studio space, birthing their inaugural opus, “No Greater Sound,” amidst the chaos of 2020’s pandemic.

Undeterred by the world’s woes, they delved into the realms of sonic experimentation, concocting “The Electric Time Heist” in 2022. Enter the maestro Sylvia Massy, who lent her touch to their kaleidoscopic creation.

A pivotal moment in 2022 saw the union with the sonic sorcerer Joshua Putney from Ghost White, and the percussive virtuoso Ian Dickens. This transformative juncture birthed The Mesmerists, a band reborn, shedding its former identity like a snake sheds its skin.

The Mesmerists, disciples of vinyl, dream-weavers, and explorers of the mind’s psychedelic tapestry, immerse themselves in the alchemy of hard work, philosophy, and the ethereal realm of abstract thoughts. Champions of lo-fi recordings and anti-establishment fervor, they defy conformity, sculpting a sonic landscape that’s as enigmatic as it is groundbreaking. The Mesmerists strive to transcend boundaries, weaving spells of musical innovation.

Join them on “The Way of the Sun,” a testament to their unwavering commitment to forging a new and fresh sound. The new album drops April 5th, 2024.

Songs - Where I Belong, The Illest, Never Thought, Pencil To Paper, The Greatest Showman, Doesn't Matter among others.

Started writing in the 6th grade with a heavy influence at the time from Eminem, Linkin Park, Metallica, Rob Zombie and Will Smith. The first song I ever wrote was called "Corruption" and "Devil Is The God In Hell" - both rap songs with a heavy metal and rock influence.

I used to write rap songs based off of chapters in undergrad so it was easier to study for the exams. I experimented with various styles at first before settling on clean, hard hitting lyrics.

The first studio recorded track was When I'm Gone which features known rapper Smokey The Ghost and another independent artist Dhartha

I had major beef with some well known desi hip-hop artists back in 2011.

None of my songs highlight the use of drugs, guns, sex, women or money and certainly do not contain explicit lyrics.

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