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Zaisha is a Singer - Songwriter. She makes handwritten and handcrafted songs. As an independent artist her latest EP titled “What the Hell” came out last year. She takes inspiration from experiences of her own life’s journey and focuses on storytelling through each element in her unique melodies. Her vision is to create music that is raw, soulful and folksy!"

What the Hell (2023)
1. Udd Jaa Tu
2. What the Hell
3. Yeh Safar
Ki Karaan (2022)
Taare (2021)
Breath (2021)
Baarish (2020)
Meri Zubaani (2020)
Dreams (2020)

1. I started my Journey during the Pandemic, it was especially hard to finish projects but I somehow managed to complete and deliver 3 songs - Dreams, Meri Zubani, Baarish
2. Baarish made it on the Rain on Indie Playlist on Spotify.
3. My recent EP secured a mention in the Rolling Stone Magazine!
4. Taare is a song that is particularly close to my heart, it has the storytelling element I’m proud to share.
5. Breath was a song about Suicide, it is one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever created till date…

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