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Hridayam: Pune's Dynamic Contemporary Rock Duo

Introducing Hridayam, a vibrant contemporary rock duo based in Pune, India, born from the creative minds of singer-songwriter Aishwarya Tiwari and accomplished drummer Shubham Chand Sahu. Despite their humble backgrounds and small-town roots, Tiwari and Sahu joined forces in 2019 to pursue their shared passion for creating original music.

The Frontman: Aishwarya Tiwari Aishwarya, hailing from Chhattisgarh, exhibited signs of a songwriter as early as the age of 13. Balancing a full-time role in a large banking conglomerate, he remains an active presence in the thriving Pune LIVE Music Scene. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like Freddie Mercury, Arijit Singh, and Coldplay, Aishwarya is the charismatic frontman of Hridayam.

The Beatmaster: Shubham Chand Sahu Shubham, a talented musician from Odisha, wears the hat of a software developer by day but unleashes his passion for drumming within. Self-taught and deeply inspired by Benny Greb, Larnell Lewis, Jai Row Kavi, and a spectrum of genres from Alterbridge to Breaking Benjamin to AR Rahman, Sahu brings a rhythmic flair to Hridayam.

Office-Goers by Choice, Musicians at Heart: Choosing to navigate the corporate world by day and embracing their musical selves after hours, Hridayam explores a vast array of genres under the modern rock umbrella. Their mission is to convey human emotions through original compositions, venturing into experimental territories. While their overarching style leans towards Rock, a closer look reveals a microcosm of influences ranging from Indian Classical to Electronica to elements of Folk.

Musical Exploration and Releases: With four singles already gracing all major streaming platforms, Hridayam has set the stage for more. Anticipate an upcoming EP that promises to captivate audiences with their diverse and dynamic sound. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Hridayam's musical journey!

We have released 4 singles so far and an EP "Aarambh" was  released on 10th September

The EP opens with the energetic and empowering track "[O Bandeya]," setting the tone for the EP's overall theme of self-discovery and resilience. With its infectious melodies and empowering lyrics, "[O Bandeya]" aims to inspire listeners to chase their dreams and overcome obstacles on their journey towards success. The EP's motivational prowess extends to "[Aaina]", a powerful anthem that ignites the spark within and pushes listeners to overcome their fears and embrace their true potential.

Following the motivational anthems , "Aarambh" delves into the realm of romance, captivating listeners with three enchanting tracks that beautifully explore the intricacies of love and longing. From the tender ballad "[Phir Ek Dafa]" to the passionate and introspective "[Jo Tera hai]," and finally culminating in the heartfelt serenade of "[O Humnawa]," each song weaves together evocative storytelling and evokes a range of emotions.

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