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In 1980, aged ten, BRUCK'LYN alias Joern Kocken stole a KRAFTWERK Album from a local record shop in his hometown Krefeld to impress his much older friends. "I stole this particular album because I liked the cover and the strange name MENSCH MASCHINE. Yet I did not have a clue what kind of music to expect when I got back home and put it on my record player. I grew up with typical 70s disco music that my parents used to listen to. When I started the first song on MENSCH MASCHINE I did not believe what I heard. The entire sound of the album was so different from anything I had heard before. I fell in love with it instantly. Many years later I learned that one of the founding members of Kraftwerk, Ralf Hütter, was from my home town and only lived a few kilometers from our apartment. What a coincidence." Ever since BRUCK'LYN's musical journey lead him to bands that were highly influenced by the sound of Kraftwerk. Acts like Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, New Order and much later Massive Attack, Moderat or Odesza were and still are beyond his favorites. Despite his strong interest in electronic music it took him decades to start producing his own songs after having ended his "first career" as a business man in the health industry. Having lived abroad for more than 10 years in countries like the United States, England, Dominican Republic and Greece he has been commuting between Germany and Spain over the last four years. BRUCK'LYNs music is hard to put in a single drawer. It is a mixture of Trance and Progressive House always danceable and with a positive message. "I like experimenting with AI generated voices but am looking forward to working with human voices in the near future too.” BRUCK’LYN is a self publishing artist, that is…he does everything on his own… ”Whatever you hear or see with the name BRUCK’LYN on it was created by me. No label, no manager, no agency…all 100% BRUCK’LYN".

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