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Meet Biancca, a passionate and independent artist who hails from Mumbai. As a singer-songwriter, she crafts songs in both Hindi and English, delving into the realm of raw and genuine human emotion. Biancca's musical journey encompasses a diverse range, spanning from impactful pop rock ballads to alternative, uptempo glam rock, and even sweet ambient numbers.

About Biancca: After dedicating six years to corporate life, Biancca took a bold step to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer-songwriter and performer. Her mission is to create music that resonates with people, offering a deep sense of understanding and relatability.

Biancca's Unique Sound:

  • Hindi and English songwriting
  • Raw and genuine emotions
  • Diverse musical styles: pop rock, alternative, glam rock, ambient

The Journey: Having transitioned from a corporate career, Biancca is driven by a desire to connect with her audience on a profound level. Her music aims to evoke emotions and provide a sense of relatability, making each listener feel understood.

Are you ready to embark on an emotional musical journey with Biancca? Follow her as she brings her authentic sound to life, bridging the gap between corporate life and the pursuit of artistic passion.

Connect with Biancca on her musical odyssey and experience the power of her storytelling through music.

Debut Single- Uljhe Dil

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