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AZIDRE is an artist hailing from Goa, India. Crafting music with emotions, wordplay, storytelling and his vivid expression. He crafts his lyrics with immense precision and skill unlike no other! seeing this world through a unique lens. His favourite line which he wrote was being “A ripple in time representing rhythm and rhyme” which means that being a unique entity in this generation and representing the rap community. He wants to create an impact in this society with his music, lyrics and art form. Wanting to inspire a generation full of miracle!

Chasing The Sun (Mixtape)

R.A.Y.D - Identity feat. Frazer & Donvo (Official Music Video) | Prod. Dr.Coke | Goa | 2020
Before he released his first single, he was part of a group called RAYD Goa, consisting of 4 members (2 producers, 2 Rappers) who were GoanGlock (Ricky), Azidre, Dr. Coke (Yash) and Errnoface (Danver) forming R(Ricky) A(Azidre) Y (Yash) D(Danver) . They released their first song on YouTube back in October 2020, they completed a whole song in a single day, writing, producing and recording it in Azidre’s grandmother's house in Velsao, Goa. Each one has a very unique style on the track. Which was a drill/Uk grime style. They got 2 of their friends to feature on this song Donvo and Frazer.

Words of Advice | 2021
Which was one of his first singles produced by Dr. Coke, it was one of his initial songs that has a very raw version of him rapping about being conscious about myself and those around me. Slowly improving his writing skills.

Goa Rap Cypher 2021 || India Rap Cypher || Prod. Tsumyoki
Azidre was invited to participate in Goa rap cypher, alongside other goan rappers curated by Tsumyoki.
Showing off his lyrical abilities on the track.

Azidre - Insecurities ft. Crizelle & Kenan | Prod. By Errnoface. | 2021
Where Azidre dives into his insecurities in life where he went from a very shy person, not having the courage to sing or rap to writing beautiful songs.

Jere. Miah & Evasp - Tossed it up feat. Azidre | 2022
Azidre Then featured on Jere. Miah’s album called Hey Freckles Curated by Jere. Miah, this is where Azidre Dives into his RnB Style Rap.

Vernic - Muy Guapo (feat. Azidre) | 2023
Azidre Then featured on Vernic’s Single which was a pop song with his unique rap element.

“Falling For You” by Azidre, St.DonTobi & Valanka | 2023
Azider then collaborated with Valanka a Goan Singer and a Goan Producer St. DonTobi creating this gem of a song called falling for you, a RnB style song with very amazing production from St. DonTobi, amazing vocals from Valanka and Azidres Rap. They managed to get featured on Rolling Stone India for falling for you. This song was very difficult to write as Azidre went through a break up and had to write a song about love, but as Valanka put her touch on the song. He immediately, put his mind to it and wrote this amazing piece.

Chasing the Sun (Mixtape) By Azidre & Errnoface | 2024
Azidre Drops his first mixtape/album called Chasing the Sun along side Errnoface on the 14th February 2024 having 9 tracks on it. He created this album over 3 years, starting in January 2021 with the help of Errnoface his producer. They eventually got 9 tracks together, all produced by Errnoface. And he asked a few of his friends to be a part of the album as they have put down very lovely vocals on the album.

1. Opportunities (Intro)
This track is an intro to his mixtape, it tells a story of how his mother told me to grab every opportunity he see, Even though other might not see the same vision you have you still need to make so many sacrifices to reach the goals you've set out for, as kids we all had dreams that we couldn’t accomplish or reach but becoming more mature we know what we really want to do and set our foot for the course thus eventually making sure what we want to be is made into our reality.

2. Conditions ft. Kenan & Zyee
is the 2nd track of his mixtape, it has a very special meaning to him as this track brought together the whole mixtape as it was the first song he wrote for the album "Chasing the sun".

3. Guidance (interlude)
In this interlude he talks about how dreams don’t just appear or get completed but eventually to make them reality you need to get it done.

4. Crescent ft. Crizelle & Crizelda
Crescent is like the second part to insecurities. It has a very deep meaning but the song is not made for everyone, it’s a story telling vibe having very haunting vocals by Crizelle & Crizelda. Where he gives a sadder vibe and a mood where you go through dark periods in your life but yet there is a little hope which is the moon light thus naming the track crescent.

5. Chasing the sun ft. Nayden & Zander
Azidre named the album after this track. It is a representation of his life, going from Crescent to aiming for greatness which is described as chasing the sun or the light (going from dawn to sunrise) This track also has his producer rapping on it together with him showing that they both made this happen.

6. SSJ (intermission)
This is an Intermission from his first five tracks getting a little more aggressive style of rap showing his rapping skills and talent.

7. Let Me Down
Before the album dropped, he released this track as a more joyful interaction to his style of rap, where he’s just flexing his art.

8. Man Down ft. Kenan
This song has a much darker tone, getting serious about his rap style making sure he is going to go for it till his art is shown to the world. This has a very old school vibe to it, not the current typical style of rap on it.

9. Echelon (Outro)
Finally, the Outro which describes he’s not like any other rapper but he has his own unique style of rap, Very Lyrical like some of his rap idols Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Eminem, Biggie, 2pac, JID, NF and many others. Concluding his album.

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