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ARQ- Azlan Ramli Quartet
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rock, contemporary


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Bridging Worlds, Styles, and Genres
Malaysian alternative rock band ARQ (Azlan Ramli Quartet) is a versatile group with a new
wave-influenced sound full of strong hooks, catchy riffs, and mind-blowing lyrics.
Influenced by bands like The Police and Inhaler, and artists like Sam Fender, their songs also
infuse the essence of diverse genres such as '90s rock, blues, reggae, and even a sprinkle
of pop-punk and jazz.
The band is an exciting new chapter in the extensive career of Azlan Ramli, who, as their
main singer-songwriter, has perfected an innate talent as a storyteller, developing an
eclectic musical style along the way.
ARQ’s sound is a mixture of the best of East and West. With their great melodies,
unexpected musical ideas, and interesting lyrics, their songs are microcosms of
authenticity and freedom.
Thriving in the vibrant atmosphere of the live stage, the band’s energetic performances
have allowed them to develop a unique live sound, allowing them to successfully tour
Malaysia and Indonesia recently.
ARQ was formed in 2022 and has released several singles since then. In 2023, they teamed
up with Rexius Records, looking to share more of their unique sound with the world.

First album still a work in progress

No Regrets - a song about ... regrets

Tak Mungkin - heartbreak song in Bahasa - more listeners in Indonesia than Malaysia

Angel Of Fire - song about someone who wants to be somebody else - when she's already perfect as she is

Di Mana - first song in Bahasa - about searching for oneself

At My Table - about being dumped ... written in a pizza store 

Can't Hear Myself - perfect soundcheck song ^_^ ... actually about the noise & clutter of modern life 

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