Bangalore, the Slang City – Part II

The ubiquitous slang words of Bangalore have their roots in the local language Kannada, and also in the languages of tradesmen and others who settled in the city before and during British rule. This explains the infusion of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi in the city’s slang. Also, we can’t ignore the contributions of the British Raj to our slangtionary (slang dictionary), which is how legendary slang words such as Bob and Bugger became uniquely vernacular.

Continuing from Part I, here are more must-know and must-use slang words, when in Bangalore.

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: n/a

Bangalore meaning: A Millennial’s affectionate term for Bangalore


Actual meaning: brother-in-law in Tamil

Bangalore meaning: addressing a friend

Bangalore Slang
Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: mentally prepare someone for a challenging task or occasion

Bangalore meaning: mind-blowing


Actual meaning: a person who gambles or makes risky investments

Bangalore meaning: an expert in a particular field, or generally

Bangalore Slang


Actual meaning: n/a

Bangalore meaning: to eye someone/something that usually isn’t ours


Actual meaning: closest to put on a scene – to make a big deal out of something

Bangalore meaning: to hang out with friends and indulge in intoxicants, among other things

Bangalore Slang


Actual meaning: a typo preceding ‘suddenly’

Bangalore meaning: alarmingly sudden

Actual meaning: a lot for you to handle

Bangalore meaning: acting pricey

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: n/a

Bangalore meaning: the only acceptable way of saying ‘one and a half’, wherein an auto driver demands one and a half times the normal fare and often gets away with this charge

Don’t think we’ve missed the rest, we’re just holding back from being full-on enthu cutlets! Why don’t you share some of your favourite slang words from Bangalore? We won’t call you a chamak raja for your deep knowledge of the local lingo. Ask your dou to share their faves too!

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