Bangalore, the Slang City – Part I

One of the many upsides to Bangalore being a melting pot of cultures from across the country is the development of its own, unique language. Okay, calling it a language is pushing it. That said, there’s something uniquely Bangalore about the tone, voice, diction and verbiage used in daily parlance by Bangaloreans, irrespective of where we are from – north, south, east, west, centre, old City, Cantonment …you get the picture.

Something as unique to Bangalore as its reverential love of dosas and its pub culture is its slang. Bangalore slang, or lingo is peculiar, to put it mildly. You can travel to any part of the world, but you cannot take out something as innate as B-town slang from a Bangalorean. It’s a fact; medical researchers are stumped at this phenomenon.

Alright, no medical researchers have been involved in such an experiment. Still, it’s believable, right? Here’s a round-up of our favourite slang words from Bangalore, which we also use liberally at Bob’s Radio.

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: a strip of material worn, typically round the waist, to support or hold in clothes

Bangalore meaning: to beat someone to a pulp. Also, to eat like there’s no tomorrow

Actual meaning: the flat cutting edge of a knife, a tool or a weapon

Bangalore meaning: to talk the ear off of someone

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: a quick, short, up-and-down movement

Bangalore meaning: another word for dude

Actual meaning: a British swear of sexual nature

Bangalore meaning: addressing someone, usually a third party, with some displeasure

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: kiss, in Hindi

Bangalore meaning: simply

Actual meaning: a small space

Bangalore meaninga sly way of doing things, like how a cycle fits through narrow gaps in heavy traffic

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: hand, in Hindi

Bangalore meaning: betrayal. Colloquially used as ‘give/giving/gave/will give haath

Actual meaning: appears to be/apparently

Bangalore meaning: same as above, but as an add-on at the end of a sentence

Bangalore slang

Actual meaning: multiple meanings exist across the world – cat, autumn, extremely skinny and so on

Bangalore meaning: sly

Actual meaning: a type of shoe. Also, a person who whiles away time, or is idle

Bangalore meaning: same as above (not the shoe)

Oh, we aren’t done yet! Check out part II of Bangalore slang words.

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