About Bob's Radio

Welcome to Bob's Radio, your ultimate destination for indie music exploration and the heartbeat of Bangalore's vibrant culture!

Our Mission

At Bob's Radio, we are on a mission to celebrate the global indie music scene while championing the rich cultural tapestry of Bangalore. Our airwaves resonate with the sounds of independent artists from every corner of the world, amplifying their voices and sharing their unique stories.

Exploring Indie Sounds Worldwide

Dive into a diverse musical journey as we curate the best indie tracks spanning genres and borders. From the bustling streets of Bangalore to the farthest reaches of the globe, we bring you the freshest beats and the most innovative sounds.

Connecting Communities

Join us in fostering a global community of music lovers who appreciate the authentic, the experimental, and the undiscovered. Bob’s Radio is not just a platform; it’s a gathering place for those who seek something more, something beyond the mainstream.

Why Bob's Radio?

Diverse Playlist: Explore a vast array of indie music from around the world.
Bangalore Flavor: Immerse yourself in the local culture and sounds of Bangalore.
Supporting Indie Artists: We are more than just a radio station; we are a platform for indie artists to shine.

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Connect with us on social media, drop us a message, and be part of the Bob’s Radio community. Join us in celebrating indie music and the dynamic culture of Bangalore!

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